Why your TV’s brand is sometimes misleading

For many of you, there’s a good feeling in choosing a familiar brand. But before you consider buying a new TV it’s worth divulging an open industry secret: even if a TV carries a brand name you recognise, that model might have a very remote relationship – legally and geographically — to the company that built the brand and its reputation over many years.

Branding makes all the difference. A professional appearance and carefully strategised branding will help the company build trust with consumers and potential ones. Relatedly, it is also vital for increasing value when trying to generate future revenue, and a strongly established brand can increase a business’ value – think of the simple black cotton T-shirt: one in a supermarket for £5, the other with the same or similar materials for £55, their difference largely because of a logo. Logos confer status and a lifestyle upon their users. The logo is one of the most important aspects of branding – important for those seeking an appealing investment opportunity because of its nicely warmed seat in the marketplace. Continue reading “Why your TV’s brand is sometimes misleading”

Fundraising - stack of coins

10 Alternative Ways To Fundraise In Isolation

Fundraisers have had to be more innovative with the lockdown which prevented them being able to carry out their regular fundraising activities.

The coronavirus pandemic put on hold many key events in the charity fundraising calendar, including some major marathons and other events, but this hasn’t stopped some kind-hearted and innovative souls raising money for charities, while still observing self-isolation rules.

While the lockdown may be being eased to some degree, it is likely that some kind of social distancing will be the norm for some time to come and charities as always are in need of your help. Here are some fundraising ideas that can be done largely by yourself or don’t involve mixing physically with people and could be useful going forward. Continue reading “10 Alternative Ways To Fundraise In Isolation”

Home Emergency Repairs in a time of COVID-19

An “emergency” is the sudden and unforeseen damage to something in your property covered by your insurance policy or can be covered by your status as a tenant or lodger. For example:

Emergency 1 Exposes you to a risk to your health  
Emergency 2 Creates a risk of loss of or damage to your property  
Emergency 3 Makes the buildings uninhabitable  

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Different stokes for different folks; choosing a boiler and boiler insurance for your needs


Several factors will usually influence the kind of boiler you buy. You will want to mull over factors such as energy efficiency and options for renewable energy use. To help you decide which boiler is right for you, we’ve prepared this small guide:

  • For example, with certain customer habits such a family who have lots of showers at the same time (around the house), the professional opinion is usually offered of changing to a system boiler with unvented hot water tank, provided there is good water pressure.

  • If your home has older radiators or pipework cover in screed, it is better to choose or remain with an open vented, heat only boiler – for very important safety reasons.
  • For consumers with financial constraints, the usual recommendations are to replace their existing boiler with the same type of boiler in the same location. For low maintenance costs, the installation of a combi boiler with a 10-year warranty/guarantee from the manufacturer is recommended.

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Appliance cover; the finer details

We often take our appliances for granted, until — once we’ve been dropped back into 19th century, forced to scrub clothing by hand we can’t get our white goods repaired fast enough.

A standard home contents insurance policy will cover your appliances if they are damaged or destroyed in a fire, storm, flood, other natural disaster or if they’re stolen. But it won’t cover these kitchen essentials if they break down due to age, wear and tear or are accidentally damaged.

Appliance insurance policies can cover these eventualities, compensating you for the repair or replacement of appliances, including ovens, hobs, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, and more.

All insurance policies have exclusions or events they just will not cover. Typical exclusions on appliance insurance policies include: Continue reading “Appliance cover; the finer details”

Installing your new boiler; Some extras to consider

When you talk to the heating engineer about your hot water needs from a new boiler, we think a good installer will mention some or all of the following for you to consider. If they don’t come up in conversation, ask about them.  A good installer will be able to give you a full understanding of the benefits of each extra and advise whether they are needed.

Gas pipe

The gas pipe runs from the meter to the boiler and should be checked to ensure it is large enough in diameter to deliver sufficient gas to your new boiler. If a new gas pipe is required, it should be clean and free of any debris so as to ensure nothing untoward enters the boiler. Continue reading “Installing your new boiler; Some extras to consider”

Boiler Manufacturers; Who are some the best?

Boiler Manufacturers: Who are some the best in 2020…?

Is the world of boiler comparison too noisy? This guide will reveal some of the best boiler manufacturers you could buy — learn more about the best brands and see a side-by-side price comparison below.

As you’re probably aware, installing a new boiler is not cheap. A typical combi could cost £2,000-£3,000 including labour. Oil boilers, while more seldom used, tend to be much more expensive.

Data on the radiator & boiler market share in the UK exists but is restricted. Figures are complicated, too, because the UK has an open market where boilers, for example, can be imported and sold without the need to publish information publicly. Continue reading “Boiler Manufacturers; Who are some the best?”

How do I know what boiler to buy? How do I cover it?

To help you decide what new boiler you need, it can sometimes be worthwhile to have a surveyor come to your property. They can advise you on which new boiler might suit your needs best.

Don’t worry if you don’t know your combi from your cylinder; Alternatively, you can start an instant chat with one of our team.

New Boilers vary based on what type, brand and size you want. Below we’ll explain what some of the most common varieties are, and how they are suitable for certain sizes of property and demand.

There are three main types of boiler: combi, heat only (regular) and system.

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Protecting Your Smart TV

Are you looking to buy a smart TV? Perhaps you own one and want to know how you can use it as safely as possible. Whilst, first and foremost, we buy these exciting pieces of technology to enrich our lives with entertainment, we often overlook potential areas of concern. Smart TVs are expensive and consumers often save up for a long time to buy one, so why would we not want to ensure that our investment is kept in the best condition possible? With physical damage and virus attacks being a just couple of the problems smart TV owners can face, we want to make sure that both you and your television are as safe as they can be.

In this guide, we’ll take you through four important aspects of protecting your smart TV:

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Insurers, Rising to the Twenty-First Century Challenge

The climate crisis, vast amounts of data, and expanding digital opportunities are creating high-stakes environments, raising new threats for insurance companies. How they respond will establish precedents for their long-term resilience, or otherwise.

Let us explore how three macro trends will have a major impact on the world and insurance, as well as how successful insurers are connecting, predicting, adapting, and using digital technologies to become constant protectors in their customers’ lives.

According to Swiss Re’s 2018 report, global insurance premiums exceeded the $5 trillion mark (£4 trillion) for the first time. While industry’s health seems constant from afar, Continue reading “Insurers, Rising to the Twenty-First Century Challenge”