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In the latest development, HMRC delivered a directive to tenants that they may help with settling their landlords’ tax bills by withholding their rent into tax income (Brennan, 2019). This is a step taken by the taxman in a bid to crackdown on expats. It came after HMRC sent letters informing tenants about collecting information about the properties that overseas landlords own. Hence, a “dual-pronged attack” is being deliberated to improve the Treasury’s hall. This comes about as some of the latest incentives by the government to gather information to improve its tax base. HMRC, hence, is enhancing its capacity to bring in dues that landlords owe to Britain. It also comes as a first attempt of involving tenants and landlords in property taxation. Continue reading “Home Emergency Protection”

Building Site Health and Safety

A report from BBC News outlined The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) research about the safety of buildings. From this documentation, they noted that construction deaths are responsible for 32 per cent of occupational death.  For property owners, such a report raises a red flag about the safety of their properties. Mostly, accidents cannot be anticipated but property owners should have a proactive approach and prevention mechanisms. Even if these preventative mechanisms are in place, sometimes the damage could be costly and the landlord or property owner may not be in a position to offset the costs.  This explains why the home emergency insurance cover is needed. Continue reading “Building Site Health and Safety”

Ensuring Home Repairs is win-win for Both Landlord and Tenant

With low-interest rates, keeping your hard-earned money in Certificate of Deposits is an exercise that is going to keep you awake nights. Brexit has created uncertainty and the present interest rate structure is close to becoming negative. The real estate market is already posting lower prices and this is perhaps the best time to invest in rent bearing properties. The joy of being a landlord is however tinged with responsibility. You do not know what kind of tenant will stay on the premises that you want to rent. The repairs and taxes of the property will have to be borne in a timely manner as otherwise, you will be liable for contravening local laws.
To get over this dilemma particularly if you are new to the idea of a landlord the best option is

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Home Emergency Cover for the Winter months.

Our ultimate Home Emergency cover offers top of the range coverage, including plumbing and drainage, electricity supply, security, primary heating system, roofing, alternative accommodation, cooker/oven, water supply, gas supply and pest infestation.

Benefit from a FREE annual boiler service as standard for each personal Home Emergency Cover, including an operational safety inspection, full boiler strip down and flue gas analysis for each customer.