Fridge Insurance

Fridge, also known as refrigerator, is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. Like every other appliance, the fridge is liable to develop mechanical or electrical faults. Fixing it can be quite expensive if you do not have an active Fridge Appliance Insurance cover in place.

Why Do You Need Fridge Insurance?

You need Fridge Insurance if:

  • You own a fridge.
  • Need a trustworthy and competent engineer to fix your fridge.
  • Want a flexible and cost-effective repair and replacement service.

What Does Our Fridge Insurance Cover?

At Prominence Support, we provide you with a comprehensive Fridge Insurance scheme.

Our insurance covers fixing any mechanical and electrical fault that your fridge might develop. We also cater to any form of accidental damage that might occur to your fridge.

Our insurance includes engineer call outs, appointment, labour charges, repairs, parts and even full-replacements of your fridge.

We have made our prices flexible. If you cannot pay immediately, you can stretch it into monthly or quarterly payments.

How Can You Get Your Fridge Insured?

It is quite easy to register for our Fridge Insurance. Select your appliances and a payment option, either Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually; Pay as a one-off, or spread the cost throughout the year. Complete our online form and proceed to checkout. You will receive confirmation straight away and all documents will be sent to your home address within 2 working days.

Alternatively, call our Customer Service helpline to speak to one of our customer services team.

Our cover also comes in different pricing models to fit your budget. You can pay monthly, quarterly or annually. Also, we have a one-off payment plan that covers your cost throughout the year, you instantly save up to 30% with this option.

If you need any assistance on how to register or about our pricing model, feel free to reach us on our customer service helpline.

Summary of our Fridge Insurance:

  • Mechanical and electrical breakdowns
  • Accidental damage
  • No excess fees
  • 500 GBP limit per claim
  • No restriction to the number of claims per year
  • Repairs, parts, and labour costs
  • Similar specification replacement if we can’t repair it
  • In-house technical assistance
  • A national network of engineers
  • Speedy repairs
  • Cancel anytime
  • Appointment with engineer usually within 24 hours
  • Personalised cover level
  • A 21-day money-back guarantee

Example Appliances We Insure;

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