Domestic and General Insurance Cover for Your Washing Machine

Failure of the many home appliances, when least expected, can cause a big uproar around the house, as a well-oiled schedule can come crashing down, especially if the appliance is something vital like a washing machine, hob unit cum oven, dishwasher, dryer, fridge and/or freezer.

In the United Kingdom, homeowners can opt for insurance policies covering home appliances, home emergencies like plumbing, electricity, pest control, heating, roofing, and/or gas. There are many companies that handle these services in the UK, but the homeowner has to select the best. If the washing machine breaks down, it would be advisable for the homeowner to go through the fine print of the contract to see what the company offers for general and domestic washing machine insurance.

For first timers who do not have general washing machine insurance, they need to go online and fill-in the exact nature of the problem; they will get a quote for resolving this issue, even though the homeowner does not have home appliance insurance package. The benefits of an annual home appliance insurance policy are that there is no limit on the number of service calls the homeowner can make. The added benefit is that parts and labour is included in the contract as well as a £ 5000 accidental death cover.

Domestic washing machine insurance cover may seem pretty insignificant in the greater scheme of things, but it has proved a lifesaver for many people, when the washing machine or other appliances suddenly break down. Unlike home emergency cover, the home appliance cover is not on a 24-hour call, but once the customer service team receives the call, they will pass the problem to the technical support team who will assess the nature of the complaint and attend to it at the earliest.